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Contract Calamity 2 in a 3-Part Series On Common Business Mishaps Involving Contracts And Agreements

Standard Disclaimer: Vidar provides posts in this blog as general information. This is not meant to be specific advice and your business should always talk directly with a lawyer about your individual business needs. Note: This is the second of three parts about common mistakes businesses make with contracts and agreements. In the first part of this series, we discussed of the dangers of businesses avoiding contracts altogether. Today we are going...

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No Country For “Good” Contracts, Or Why Asking If A Contract Is “Good” Is The Wrong Question

One common question I get asked by clients is to look over a contract and tell them if it is “good” or “any good” or “works for me.” So here’s the thing… I don’t know. In many cases, I have no idea if a contract is a good thing for a client. It’s not really what I do. Whether or not a contract is "good" for a client is largely...

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