Commercial Litigation

“The purpose of argument is to change the nature of truth.” - Frank Herbert

Our commercial litigation team at Vidar concentrates our efforts on meeting our clients’ strategic business goals and managing corporate risk. We find efficient solutions to litigation problems. The best place to start any commercial litigation matter is with the client’s end goals in mind. Vidar attorneys understand the needs of businesses, so we never let litigation costs get out of control or take on a life of their own. Our litigation team is aggressive, creative, and goal oriented.

Vidar lawyers represent businesses, professionals, executives, investors, and entrepreneurs within Chicago and throughout the United States. We counsel clients for the entire life-cycle of a case; from pre-litigation through trial and appeals. Vidar takes a big-picture view of litigation and considers not only legal and factual positions, but also business and financial issues of our clients to develop optimal strategies.

Our team has a wide range of experience with many types of commercial litigation issues, including, bet-the-company disputes, cases with large amounts of documents and e-discovery issues, cases involving scientific and highly technical issues, cases with multiple parties and large numbers of witnesses, and cases involving critical and secret business information. Our success in these cases is a result of highly trained and skilled attorneys who understand the needs of business, the litigation process, and how to leverage the latest technology to achieve the best results for our clients.

Although we are a boutique firm, we have extensive contacts in Illinois and throughout the United States that allows us to ramp up and assemble a litigation team for any size case. Our teams are flexible allowing us to provide the highest calibre representation at the most competitive prices. With each case, we put together a unique litigation plan and assemble a team that includes experienced attorneys, support staff, appropriate expert, and technology experts. A Vidar senior attorney leads each team and makes sure that every member of the team understands our client’s objectives and stays focused on achieving those goals.

Our attorneys have successfully represented businesses in the following types of cases:

  • Litigation Counseling and Risk Assessment: Vidar counsels companies prior to litigation regarding potential risks and the advantages and possible drawbacks of litigation.
  • Breach of Contract: Our litigation team represents businesses and individuals in contract disputes that often involve corporate management and the most critical aspects of a company’s business.
  • Bet the Company Litigation: Vidar attorneys are trusted by are clients when the entire business is at stake. Often the results of this type of litigation will determine the future of the company.
  • Employee and Independent Contractor Disputes: At some point, every company will have an issue with its employees or independent contractors. From regulatory issues to protecting trade secrets and critical company information from inappropriate actions of employees and former employees, Vidar assists in providing efficient litigation solutions.
  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes: Vidar represents companies and individuals with respect to disputes among partners and shareholders.
  • General Commercial Litigation: The Vidar litigation team is retained by clients to represent them in a variety of complex commercial litigation matters.